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Integration with Return Prime

Unicommere is now integrated with Return Prime for Return Management

Return Prime – A new age returns and exchange app built with trust and simplicity at core. Return Prime is tightly integrated with Shopify to let your customers raise a return/exchange on their own and help increase the lifetime value of customers.

UC sellers will have access to and the ability to raise returns/exchanges on their own through the Return Prime integration.

With this model, Return Prime will act as RMS (all returns will be handled at Return Prime and then they’ll be pushed return details to Uniware, which will act as WMS (Picking & packing and stock management etc).

Applicability: This integration is only supported for Uniware Enterprise Sellers via API.

Integration Touchpoints:

  • This integration is only supported for Uniware Enterprise Sellers via API.

  • This integration will be configured by the Return Prime team via API. So seller needs to connect with Return Prime team.

  • This is handled via the backend so no UI button will be available in the seller’s Uniware account.

  • Currently, this integration only support the Shopify channels’ returns in Uniware.

  • With this integration, Seller can mark Return or Create Reverse Pickup as per configuration done at Return Prime Panel by Return Prime on seller’s business request.

  • The seller must use UC for putaway, For better handling and shelf-wise inventory management.
  • For further details, you can contact the Return Prime team.

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