Channel Pendency

It’s a channel-specific task wherein Uniware promises to hold a given number of inventorys stock before pulling the orders from those channels. It’s like promising or committing a minimum pendency or an inventory count to a channel before pulling and recognizing the orders in the system.

This feature is available for the channels like Flipkart and Snapdeal.or the channel which provides the feature the pending orders.


1. Follow the path: Settings -> Channels.

2. On the respective channel, click on the pendency icon.


3. This page displays the inventory, required quantity along with the promised quantity or the inventory count out of stock against each product row.



4. To promise pendency, we update the promised quantity against the required quantity of a given product.  If we don’t have enough of its stock, then update the ‘out of stock’ quantity.

5. Select the orders with updated values and hit ‘Submit’ on the top right of the page.

6. After the successful pendency commit, the respective order(s) is pulled into the system.

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