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Steps to configure Inventory Sync for Snapdeal

Initially you can add channel of snapdeal by going

Setting tab > Channels > Add channel

Then search the channel Snapdeal and add basic detail as per your requirement for more details Click Here.

You have to compulsorily follow the given set of steps for the changes made in Snapdeal integration.

To configure Inventory sync at the existing Snapdeal Channel (if you have one) or Add a new Snapdeal Channel with the following configurations:

1. On the path Settings >Channels, select the existing Snapdeal channel (or add Snapdeal Channel, if you don’t have it in your system).

2. In the connectors tab, Reconfigure the Snapdeal API connectors.

3. Enter you Snapdeal seller panel credentials on the new window.

4. Select the Sync capabilities like Inventory, Listing and Order management etc. (by default all values are selected) and click “Authorize”.

5. The system will now be able to sync the Inventory, Listing and Orders etc (depending on the values you have selected).

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