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Cloudtail DF (Direct Fulfillment) Integration

CloudTail is available with uniware under B2B in channels. We have integration with CloudTail to pull orders and update inventory.

Follow these simple steps to integrate CloudTail in Uniware:

1- In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels

2- Then press the button

Search and Select “Cloud Tail”.

3- Fill and save the channel details.

4- Fill the credential to configure the connectors.

Parameters Values/Descriptions
Client ID DF Vendor code
Warehouse ID DF warehouse code
Warehouse Location Warehouse location
  • DF Vendor Code
    To get the DF Vendor code, login to vendor login panel

    • Note: Vendor to ensure that they are logged in to the relevant Direct Fulfilment account on Vendor Central. Please verify the vendor name on the top right corner after logging in to Vendor Central.
    • Vendor Central > Settings > Tax Registration
    • Click on ‘Edit’
  • DF Warehouse Code
    To get the DF Vendor code, login to vendor login panel

    • Vendor Central > Settings> Warehouse Settings
    • Now use Direct Fulfillment warehouses code

5- Fill the credentials details along with warehouse id shared by CloudTail Team.

Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel.

  1. Unicommerce offering Inventory sync, Order sync.

  2. Catalog Sync: You have to manually update listings in Uniware which are live on CloudTail, after which inventory sync will work automatically. For more details Click Here.
    Fill below mandatory columns with details as suggested and upload the sheet in Uniware:
    Channel Name – Name of the CloudTail channel added in Uniware
    Channel Product Id – Listing Id (ASIN) generated for your products on CloudTail.
    Seller SKU Code – Same as Listing Id (ASIN) on CloudTail.
    Uniware SKU Code – Uniware SKU codes created in Uniware corresponding channel product ids or Seller SKU.

  3. Please update the product’s dimension on uniware sku same as Cloudtail channel.
  4. Order Fetch Hours
    Value in this field will decide time window for which orders need to be synced in Unicommerce (In hours). Minimum of 2 (default value) to maximum of 145 value can be updated in this field.
  5. You need to process orders in Unicommerce within defined SLA with Cloudtail (normally within 24 hrs
  6. Order cancellation: If user wants to cancel the order, then he needs to cancel same in uniware before invoicing and cancellation updates will be sent to cloudtail DF panel.
  7. Invoice template, on generating Invoice, B2B Unicommerce Invoice template will be generated. For that seller needs to add cloud tail Df as customer through channel settings page customer option.  Also, no need to take print of this invoice while packing orders.
  8. You can skip Invoice template print by using the option on the channel setting page “Single Action Invoice Label New as “skip invoice URL”.
  9. Label Sync, On generating label, DF Label and DF Invoice will be fetched from channel which needs to be added along with package being dispatched to customers.
  10. Label template, Once sellers are on-boarded on Cloudtail, print configurations are updated by Cloudtail team itself as per printer availability in seller’s warehouses. As per updated configuration on Cloudtail, corresponding formats (either thermal or PDF print) will be generated in Unicommerce as well. Need to download and install QZ printer utility for printing ZPL labels. Use this file (Click Here) to setup for print invoice & labels via a thermal printer.
  11. Printer configuration: Need to be check by article make sure print utility is configured for Thermal Printer Configuration. Click here
  12. On closing Manifest shipped status update will be sent from Uniware.

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