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Integration with Kartrocket

To integrate Uniware with Kartrocket you need to get your kartrocket account identifiers and credentials

Follow the following steps:

1- Go to the Kartrocket Admin URL


2- Enter your kartrocket email ID and password to sign in.

3- On the Kartrocket home page get into “Settings”:


4- In the next menu description, click on “Web API”


5- Save the API key generated by the system and note it for further setting in Uniware.


6- If the API key doesn’t generate in one go, please feel free to contact the Kartrocket Admin

7- Now you will need to use those credentials to integrate with Uniware.

7.1– On the main menu, click on Settings and select channels in the sub-menu.

7.2- Click


7.3-  Select Kartrocket in the list of Shopping carts.

7.4- Configure the channel, choose your channel name, as you would like to call it.

    Learn how to configure a channel.

7.5-  As soon as you click on “Save & next” the consecutive form asks the URL (your site address), the API key (which we have generated in step 5 of the article above)

7.6- On successful integration, the order and inventory sync will begin automatically.

Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel.

  • Complete order processing and inventory update is present as per standard process.
  • Order sync, inventory sync and catalog sync are available.
  • Label/invoice /Manifest file will be fetched from uniware.
  • Kartrocket’s Catalog will be fetched only when a seller will add minimum1 stock against any SKU Code. If stock is Zero against new products then it will not get fetched in uniware.

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