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Integration with DHL GLOBAL (International)

DHL GLOBAL (International) is available in Unicommerce.

This will allow you to ship orders with source Warehouse outside India. Indian sellers need to use DHL shipping provider only. For more detail click here

Please Note
– There are certain regulatory requirements for Indian Customs which currently is not available in the Global Integration architecture, hence you need to opt for corresponding shipping provider in Unicommerce as per source country from where the order is getting shipped.

ou need to get your account identifiers and credentials from DHL Team.

To Integrate with Uniware, follow the following steps:

1-·On the path Settings > Shipping Providers, search for DHL Global

2- Click on “Add Shipping Provider”

3- Search “DHL Global”

4- Click on DHL Global and fill the required values as below:

  • Fill the name as per your choice to identify easily in uniware.
  • Enable the shipping methods, COD and Prepaid, as per your requirement.
  • Serviceability- Any facility to Any Place
  • Set AWB No generation for API as “API”  For more details Click Here

5- Select Connectors Tab to connect DHL Global with API to fetch AWB from there panel.

6- The following parameters are required which you use to log into Seller Panel. These values are as provided by the DHL Global services.

Parameter Value Validate Description
Client Id xyzabd123 Mandatory Seller id provided by DHL_global
Password ******* Mandatory Provided by DHL_global
Pickup Account Id 56***** Mandatory Provided by DHL_global
Sold To Account Id 670******* Mandatory Provided by DHL_global
Product Code PDO/PPM/PKM Mandatory DHLeC Shipping service. For possible values, refer to Shipping Service in Appendix page of DHL.
Check Product Code in Notes- 6 below
Pickup DateTime 3 Mandatory The value should be as per number of hour after which pickup needs to be arranged Eg- 1, 2, …. 24 etc. Once you set the value, it will arrange the pickup from the AWB Generation Time + Number of hours in Pickup Date Time.
Print Return Label TRUE TRUE/FALSE TRUE: Will print return file along with order label pdf
Shipper Email abc****@gmail.com Mandatory Any mail id of seller for contact
Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the DHL_Global.
  1. DHL Global is only for shipping orders from outside India.

  2. We only provide forward shipment service.
  3. For COD Order, Minimum amount check is there based on order currency & corresponding country from where the order is getting shipped (Decided purely by DHL Team).
    Eg. for Vietnam- Cash On Delivery should have a minimum value of 100 VND.
  4. For Product Code Descriptions refer to Shipping Service in Appendix page of DHL Global integration article.
PPM Packet Plus International Priority Manifest
PPS Packet Plus International Standard
PKM Packet International Priority Manifest
PKD Packet International Standard
PLT Parcel International Direct Standard
PLE Parcel International Direct Expedited
PLD Parcel International Standard
PDO Parcel Domestic
PKG Packet International Economy
PDE Parcel Domestic Expedited
PDR Parcel Return
SDP DHL Parcel Metro

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