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Q: How to configure an invoice template?

A: Invoice template can be set in a few simple steps:

1- Follow the path Settings > Templates.

2- You have to select one of the three template designs, which can be portrait or landscape style, and check its preview.



3- You can customise the fields to be added in the selected invoice template. For this you have to explore next tabs. But before going anywhere press the button.

4- For setting item-related details, in the tab “Item details” select the fields you want displayed in the invoice, like item’s brand, product name, size and MRP etc.



5-  Check the selected fields are reflected in the preview on right side of the screen. Press “preview” button to update the selected fields in the invoice preview.

6- To set order related details like invoice barcode or channel name and shipping charges etc, select the respective fields from “Order Details” tab.



7- For the “Seller-buyer Information” explore the next tab and select the desirable fields.



8-  Check all the customizations in the preview of the invoice template as visible on the right side of the screen.

9-  Don’t forget to the changes.


Your invoice template is set!

Please Note:

For any change in invoice template, set values will change for all channels uniware invoice.


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