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Steps to configure Inventory Sync on FLIPKART

Let us see some simple steps to configure Inventory sync on Flipkart.

1. Log in to  https://api.flipkart.net/oauth-register/login from your flipkart seller credentials.

2. At the link you have logged in, click on “Register new application”

3.  In the form add the Application name and the Application description as “Seller API” and click “Register Application”

4. As soon as you register the application, the system generates an application ID and a secret key. Please make a note of these values.

5. Please fill the Application ID and Secret key in the Flipkart Inventory Panel, which can be accessed on the path Settings -> Channels, eventually following the steps as illustrated in the picture below.

NOTE:  You can confirm location ID from Flipkart in case of multiple locations else update null while configuring connectors and system will automatically update location ID.

6. Configure the required values, as generated at step 4. On submitting, your Inventory Sync on Flipkart is successfully configured.

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