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Tata CLiQ Omni Integration

We are now integrated with Tata CLiQ Omni where sellers can add multiple stores to process hoppable orders.

Note: This is available to Enterprise tenants only.

For Dropship mode, If seller using a single Unicommerce for TATA CliqTATA Cliq Luxury and TATA Cliq Indi Luxe,  then he has to create separate seller codes in TATA Cliq account for each TATACLiQ model, then add separate channels (with different names) in uniware. Click Here

Follow these simple steps to integrate Tata CLiQ Omni in Uniware:

1- In the Uniware menu, select Settings > Channels, then press the button “Add Channel”.


2- Search and Select “Tata CliQ“.

3- Fill and save the channel details.

4- As soon as you save the channel details, the connectors tab will get opened. To get the required login credentials:

  • Seller username and password need to be used to setup a new channel for any location and it should be collected from seller respective SPOC (Category Manager) who is authorized to login seller account.
Parameter Value/ Description
SellerId Numeric, Provided by TataCliq team.
Username Use email, by TataCliq panel.
Password Use password, by TataCliq panel.
Tatacliq slave id <> store map To update by the seller with a json map of facilities. e.g. configuration slave id mapping looks like {"tataCliqSalve":"uniwareWarehouseCode"}
For details connect with unicommerce team.Salve id: login to Tata CliQ seller panel (sellerzone.tatacliq.com).Extract salve id from pattern “SellerId-Salve id“.

5-  Connect the connectors in Uniware with Tata CLiQ’s email and password.

6- Once connectors are connected, you can configure all related parameters.

  • Turn ON the Order and Inventory sync.
  • Single Action Invoice Label New:Yes‘, only single click is supported.  By default ‘No‘.
  • Omni Channel Order:  ‘Yes‘, for Omni channels (for Hoppable store order only)
  • Max hours for auto hopping: 72…144…, a value in countable hours for smooth operation.
  • Please check if the client is processing Omni Orders as an additional Pickconfirm call is required for Omni orders before invoicing.
  • Choose Facilities For Inventory Sync: Select the same warehouse (store) names same as added in connector parameter setting under (slave id <> store map) as UniwareWarehouseCode.


Below are the important points needs to be kept in mind while adding the channel.

    • This is available on Enterprise tenants.
    • Order sync, inventory sync and catalog sync are available.
    • Order Processing: Orders will be route by TataCliq to Uniware.
    • Cancellation Sync: Cancellation sync to Uniware is present. Also, In case of hope Order, if the store person rejects the order, it will be treated as cancellation on channel, however, if inventory is available in some other store or warehouse, channel can recreate a new order for that location.

    • Complete order processing and inventory updates will remain the same as per the standard process.

    • Invoices: Invoice details by uniware with own series.

    • Label/Manifest file will be fetched from channel.

    • Single Action Invoice Label New: Yes,
    • Shipping is handled by channel.
    • Manifest is provided by channel.
    • Status sync will work for cancelled and dispatched orders.
    • Invoice and Label will be fetched from channel itself as label format.

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