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Auto Order Routing for Unfulfillable Order Items

By Auto Order routing for Unfulfillable SOI, All Unfulfillable orders will be automatically allocated to new facilities where inventory now might be available. Also, orders, corresponding to channels whose own routing logic, will not be allowed facility change. This will reduce unfulfillable orders in the system.

This improves warehouse efficiency by reducing manual intervention of sellers in order processing and decreasing unfulfillable orders, apparently increasing revenue.


Version: Professional and Enterprise (with Multi Warehouses)

Configuration: Tenant Level Config: “Enable order re-routing for unfulfillable orders”

  • By default, the value of this config would be ‘False’.
  • To enable this feature connect with UC Support Team/KAM to mark this config as ‘True‘.


  1. It will work only for those clients where the facility/warehouse count is more than one.
  2. Task will run every 4 hours and time is set at 00:03, 04:03, 08:03…. and so on.
  3. All orders for which the switch facility is not allowed will be discarded.
  4. All Hoppable items will not be handled.
  5. Activity logs will be maintained for all the orders for which the facility is switched.
  6.  This will be running every 4 hours and will be taking only those SOIs that have been marked unfulfillable in the last 24 hours.
  7. Some channel-specific inventory allocator behaviour is mentioned below:


  • Re-Allocation of a facility for such order is done by a channel only
  • If the seller manually changes the facility, then error from myntra’s end is generated and order processing is not allowed.


  • For the majority of the orders(ChanneShip), the facility is provided by channel and re-routing will be done by channel only.

  • few orders(seller Ship) do not have facility associated and hence routing of such can be handled this way.


  • Facilities are associated with these channels and orders are created in the dispatched state in uniware. So routing will be not handled for such orders.


  • Facility is provided by channel, if order is unfulfillable in system then channel cancels the order and create a new order with some different facility.


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