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Gatepass | Short Closing for lost-in-transit scenarios

For Gatepasses Returnable & Stock Transfer we have allowed user to ‘Short Close’ partially received Gatepass items and provide lost inventory data in datatables and reports.


Version: Professional and Enterprise clients
Traceability: None, SKU and Item Trace


  • A clickable “Close Gatepass“ button is added to the Gatepass UI for Returnable and Stock Transfer gatepass when it is in Return Awaited state.

  • If all items are added to a putaway, the gatepass will be automatically marked closed as per the current flow.

  • If there is pending quantity in the gatepass and the actionable is clicked, a confirmation pop up appears informing the user that all the pending items would be marked as Lost In Transit.

  • The pending quantity of each SKU will move to Lost in Transit in the Gatepass. The Stock In Transfer quantity against the items in Inventory Snapshot will be cleared. The Gatepass Status and the Gatepass Item Status will move to complete.

  • The access resource name is ‘SHORT_CLOSE_GATEPASS’. If the user does not have this access, the button will remain disabled for them. This resource is not available by default on any role. KAMs will manually add it to the user who needs this.
  • For tracking of the total lost in transit inventory against each SKU in the facility from which the items were dispatched.
    • The Stock In Transfer section of the Inventory Snapshot shows count of all the pending gatepass items that are bound to be received in a facility for every SKU.

    • It is displayed as a consolidated quantity for gatepass items of an SKU to be received for all gatepasses created for the receiving facility from all the other facilities.

    • The quantity of any gatepass items marked as lost should be subtracted from Stock In Transfer of the receiving facility Inventory Snapshot.

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