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FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) and related queries

Some FAQs related to FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon):

Q: How are the orders fulfilled by FBA created at Uniware?

A: There are two reports at the Amazon Seller Central.

1- Amazon Fulfilled Shipments 2- MTR report

Path at Amazon seller central > REPORT > FULFILMENT BY AMAZON > Sales > Amazon Fulfilled Shipments & MTR report

The system pulls these reports and creates the orders corresponding to them in Uniware. For that, Order sync for Amazon FBA runs once in a day at 5 AM, if needed you can trigger manually.


Q: what is the order sync frequency of FBA orders to UC?

A: Uniware fetched order data twice daily.

Q: What is the inventory sync frequency from FBA to UC?

A: Uniware will fetch the inventory data once a day.

Q: How many days of orders we get for FBA through Report?

A: Last 7 Days, orders are present in reports.

Q: Are these orders already fulfilled?

A: Yes, these are actually the Shipments which have been already fulfilled by Amazon.

Q: How do we get the Invoice numbers for these shipments?

A: Invoice number along with the Invoice date and Tax are fetched with the Amazon FBA orders in uniware.

Q: Which facility is responsible for fulfilling these orders?

A: As soon as we create channel “FBA”/”Fulfilment By Amazon” at Uniware, a new facility is created for this channel.

All the orders pulled from the report above are marked to be fulfilled by this facility only.

Q: How does the system manage inventory for the orders fulfilled by Amazon?

A: There is no inventory management (depletion) at Uniware. These orders are independently handled at FBA. We only create corresponding orders and related information with the help of the report pulled.

Q: What does the feature Channel Inventory stand out for?

A: Uniware has started fetching channel inventory for Amazon_FBA. This will be visible in:

Amazon FBA facility > Products > Channel Inventory> Channel Warehouse Inventory.

For this, keep inventory sync for Amazon FBA channel ON. System will automatically renew this data on daily basis via scheduled sync at night.

Additionally, you can now Export Channel Inventory from the same page.

Q: Does Uniware sync FBA returns?

A: Yes, Amazon FBA returns are automatically synced and can be managed in Uniware.

Q: Does Uniware fetch FBA reconciliation data?

A: Yes, just like for other channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Flipkart FA payment reconciliation data for Amazon FBA is getting fetched in Uniware.

Q: Can I manage sales of different Amazon FBA warehouse in Uniware?

A: Yes,  Amazon FBA multiple warehouse can now be managed in Uniware with additional parameter of warehouse code in channel setting page in Uniware.

You can get the warehouse code details under Fulfillment-center-id column in the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments Report generated from the FBA panel.

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