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Flipkart Advantage and related queries

Some FAQs related to Flipkart Advantage:

What is Flipkart Advantage?

Flipkart now offers stocking and shipping service to the merchants selling their products on Flipkart.

For the Sellers: They will need to stock their products at Flipkart’s warehouses even before the orders are placed. As products will be available with Flipkart itself at the time order is placed, quality checks and expedited shipping is possible.

For the Customers: They can be assured that Flipkart has quality checked and shipped the products by themselves. Customers will have additional benefits for products with this service – it allows for 30 Day hassle-free returns on products as well as expedited delivery options such as Same Day/In-a-Day Guarantee Delivery. Customers will also get a detailed overview of their order journey from the Seller to your doorstep.

Q: Orders with which status are pulled from Flipkart Advantage into Uniware?

A: Uniware syncs all the orders from Flipkart Advantage with status ‘COMPLETE’. These orders are marked as “COMPLETE” in Unicommerce automatically. The system pulls orders through sync once in a day at 5 AM, if needed you can trigger manually.

Q: How does the system manage inventory for Flipkart Advantage Orders?

A: Unicommerce does not deplete any inventory from the system inventory count for products processed in FA Orders. The inventory counts will hence remain unaffected.

Q: How does the system invoice and ship the Flipkart Advantage Orders?

A: Unicommerce will generate invoices in the system with the same invoice number as allocated by Flipkart Advantage. So, we can say that the system is capable of auto-invoicing after syncing the order.

Since shipping is arranged by Flipkart itself so Unicommerce will assign Self Courier and Shipping package code as the AWB number to the order synced.

Q: Does Uniware sync FA returns?

A: Yes, Flipkart FA returns are automatically synced and can be managed in Uniware.

Q: Does Uniware fetch FA reconciliation data?

A: Yes, Uniware fetches Flipkart FA reconciliation data in Uniware.

Q: What if orders for Flipkart FA Channels are not syncing in Uniware?

A: It is because the blank invoice csv (Report) downloading from Flipkart. Kindly note that this is channel side concern and the same can be verified at Flipkart’s Seller Panel also.
Steps to verify at your end:
1. Login to Flipkart Seller Panel.
2. Hover on Reports and click on Flipkart Fulfilment Report
3. Select facility from Take a tour field
3. Click on Invoice Reports
5. SELECT DATE RANGE and click on GENERATE  button
6. You will see the download button, click on that to see the repo

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