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Q: Can we update the dimension of a packed shipment?

A package dimension can easily be updated for packed shipments. This can be done during the step of printing labels.

Follow these simple steps to do it:


1. Select the shipments in packed state and apply action “Print Labels”

2. Find the field “Shipping Package Type Code”. You can either take the DEFAULT value in it and press NEXT. Or you can reject this value by hitting “X” button and editing the dimensions of the selected package(s).


Please note: You have to select either the Shipping Package type code or update the dimensions. Doing both together will be meaningless.

3. The package dimensions l, b, h are in mm.

4. Hit the tick button to save the changes.

5. Click “Allocate Courier” to get the updated Shipping Package to “Ready to Ship” state.

Please note: Editing of dimensions is currently supported for Amazon, as other marketplaces have not provided the relevant APIs.

It will also send the dimensions on shipping providers which are integrated with APIs in Uniware.

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