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Q: How to configure an invoice template?

A: Invoice template can be set in a few simple steps:

1- Follow the path Settings > Templates.

2- You have to select one the template designs as TYPE GST and check its preview.

3- You can customise the fields to be added in the selected invoice template. For this, you have to explore next tabs. But before going anywhere press the


4- For setting item-related details, in the tab “Item details” select the fields you want to be displayed in the invoice, like item’s brand, product name, size and MRP etc.


5-  Check the selected fields are reflected in the preview on the right side of the screen. Press the “preview” button to update the selected fields in the invoice preview.

6- To set order related details like invoice barcode or channel name and shipping charges etc, select the respective fields from the “Order Details” tab.


7- For the “Seller-buyer Information” explore the next tab and select the desirable fields.


8- Check all the customizations in the preview of the invoice template as visible on the right side of the screen.

9-  Don’t forget to

the changes.Your invoice template is set!

Please Note:

For any change in invoice template, set values will change for all channels uniware invoice.

UC does not allow customization in UC template i.e. Picklist or any print for Standard or Professional plans. That can be done in the Enterprise plan (if feasible),

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