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Q: How to decide and set the priority of a Shipping provider?



The priority of a shipping provider is not determined by the system, but it is manually update into Uniware.

The priority of the shipping provider is determined on the basis of the following parameters:

1. Average Delivery Time – Lesser the time a courier provider takes to deliver packets to its destinations, higher is its priority.

2. Return Rates – Return rates determine the number of packets a courier provider brings back undelivered. Lesser this number, higher would be its priority.

3. Shipping Costs – The shipping costs are charged for delivering packets. Lower the shipping cost, higher the priority of a provider.

In Unicommerce , we can upload the priority with serviceable pin codes via CSV files. To do the same, follow these steps:

1. Select “Tools” in the main menu, then click “Import”.


2. Select “Shipping Provider Location” in the “Import Type”

3. Download csv format and fill all the mandatory fields, the ones with asterisk.


Meaning of each field in this file:

1. Pin code: Enter the all the pin codes, since it overrides the existing file.

2. Shipping Method: COD (Cash on Delivery)/PREPAID

3. Shipping Provider: Shipping Provider’s Code like BLUEDART or ARAMEX etc.

4. Priority: 1,2,3… prioritising the pin code and the provider’s combination.


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