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Q: How to mark a shipment as “Delivered”?


We know that once the shipping package is “dispatched” from the system, the corresponding sale order status is set as “complete”.

To mark the shipment as “delivered”, either the courier providers’ API must be integrated with Uniware to track its status or you can also manually update the status individually or by importing the shipment tracking status to update its Delivery.

Let us discuss the two methods:

A- Manual Way

1- On the shipments page, check the tab for “Dispatched”.

2- Select the shipment id

3- In order’s shipment details option find the Update Tracking Status option as shown in below image.


You can mark it “Delivered”. In fact you can update any of the given statuses according to your system requirement.


B- In Bulk via CSV Way

1- Find the import type as Shipment Tracking Status under Tools.


2- Download the format and fill  the details of shipments.

The tracking status filed can be set as Delivered/ In Transit/ RTO In Transit/ RTO.

RTO stands from Return to Origin.

3- Now upload the same file through the same Path to mark shipments status update.

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