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Q: How to release inventory, hold items and then create shipments?


Our system allows you to release inventory for those order items which are not invoiced yet, that is, the shipment is still in the CREATED state.

You may require to do so in the case of limited inventory and process a particular order on priority.

There are a few simple steps to follow:

1. On the path: Orders > Orders, Search for the Sale Order from which you have to release inventory.

2. On the Order details page, check if the order item is fulfillable, since this action is allowed only for fulfillable order items. As soon as you click the action icon, you can select the option to “Release Inventory”.Select the items to be released.

As soon as you release inventory, the respective order item status is reset to “Created”.

3. You can also put some order items on hold, these will be the products which are not be processed now. Click the selected Sale Order number.

The Sale Order details come on screen. Press the action icon and select action “Hold”.

4.    Now select the items you want to put on hold and click on Hold items button. You can either select particular order items or all of them.

5. Verify the order item status on hold.

6. These steps will ensure that the inventory is released from a particular order and is now free to be allotted to some other order. Also, if necessary, you can put certain order items on hold, to be processed later.


7. Now the system will check following conditions:

* If the orders belong to same facility.

* The order item status = fulfillable.

* The shipment status is not CREATED.

If all these conditions are satisfied/ stand TRUE, a new shipment is created.

8. You can retrieve the invoice before printing it, verify it and further process the shipment.

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