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Q: What is Price Sync? How it works for Snapdeal?

You can now sync product prices, just the same way as you sync your product catalog, orders, and inventory.

This feature is currently available for the following channels:

1. Snapdeal
2. Flipkart

Want to know how?

On the Channel details page, slide on the Price Sync.

What will it do?

As the system fetches Product catalogs from every channel it is synced to, now it will fetch the prices for every product in the same way.

You will see the updated prices in the Product Listings, under the view for “Sync Enabled” products.

You will see the Selling Price. This can be checked by:

1- Clicking the respective price of a product, or

2- Under Edit Price option, under action tab list for a particular product.

There is a twist in the tale!  If you update a product price here at the above pop-up window and press SAVE, the new price will be updated on the Channel right away.

Hence, The Price sync is going to be a two-way process.

Always Remember:

The Prices can also be synced while importing the product listing -that is Channel Item Type.

Follow the steps:

And upload the file.

Post the successful upload of file, the new prices will be available for all the Product Listing on this channel.

Where to check the Price sync status?

The Dashboard Overview now contains a new report for Failed Price sync attempts under Product Alerts.

Please note: We will run the sync and bring all the prices of those products which have been updated since the last price sync cycle.

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