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Amazon 2 Factor/Step Authentication

To configure Uniware 2 factor authentication, you need to get your Amazon account and credentials and ask amazon to add Two-Step App process.

Make ‘Authenticator App’ as default method and while doing so make sure that default OTP option is set as Authenticator app on Amazon panel. (Check Step-3)

On Seller panel, Follow following steps: Settings->Login Settings->Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings->Edit->Add new app->Can’t scan the barcode?

Kindly refer below steps for the same:

1- Login on https://sellercentral.amazon.in and Go Settings> Login Settings

2- Click on Edit for “Two-Step Verification (2SV) Settings

3- Remove all saved Methods (Preferred and backup) then create a new Method with Authenticator App

Click on “Add new app”, Also, make sure that Default OTP option is set as Authenticator app on Amazon panel and set preference to App.


4- Click on “Can’t scan the barcode?” and copy that key.



5- Paste that key on Uniware in the Amazon Connectors page > (Amazon 2 Factor Authentication) > Click Connect.

6- System will give the OTP on popup screen

A- Copy that OTP.

B- Enter that OTP on Amazon and Click Continue.

7- In Uniware POPUP click Submit, leaving that space blank.

8- Connectors get reconfigured. Then you can reconnect the rest connectors to assure all syncs.

For more details of Amazon.in integration Click Here

Note: Use this after changing the preferred method of ‘Two-Step Verification’ to ‘Authenticator App’.

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