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Export Inventory Adjustment Report or Adjustment History

With multi-channel inventory management, you can go easy on managing stock levels more effectively by knowing the exact counts across facilities.

The clear advantage of this system is that whenever a product is added or removed from your warehouse, the changes will be automatically reflected in Uniware and on the channels with the latest Inventory levels.

The total inventory of a particular product available in uniware can be viewed in the system.

1- On the path: Products ->  Inventory,

2- Check the available, blocked and total inventory of the different goods on channel.

3-  If you click on the adjustment history icon on the screen

4- A detailed history of all the adjustments made in the inventory available can be seen.


5- The inventory adjustments include the inventory records for actions like addition, removal, replacement and transferring the stock.

Please note that the system only maintains this history for three months period.

How frequently is inventory updated on a channel?

FAQ: What if I sell through offline channels as well, how do I manage my inventory across all the sale channels?

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