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Q: How to link or map product sku manually under listing?


To map a product means that the product definition lying in the Uniware must be linked with the channel for correct identification while selling and dispatching it.

For mapping in bulk you can follow the article, How to link SKUs in bulk or mapping of listing through import

Note: If Seller sku on channel and Uniware sku is same then system will auto mapped those listings and shown directly in Linked tab under listing.

For manual process follows the below steps: 

1. To manually map or link a product with a channel, follow the path Products > Listings, and check in the tab “Unlinked”.



2.  Click on “Link” button to add the respective product mapping on a given channel.


3. Add or create the product SKU in uniware (it that was not created earlier )to link it with the given product on a channel.

4. Select SKU of the product to be added from the suggested list.



4. Link the two SKU codes by hitting on ‘Link Now’. This creates the product-channel mapping successfully.



Learn about bulk uploading the SKU mapping or Product Linking.

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