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Q: What is an Item Master? How do we add/update an item master?

A: An item master is the list of products or items existing within Uniware. It defines the product SKU code (which is unique for each item), its name, the product category it belongs to and the tax associated if any.

1. To add a new item master, follow the path Tools > Import and select Item master from the Import Type.




2. To create a new item master (ideally done at setting up of the system), select CREATE_NEW in the Import Options.





Fill the csv file with valid values and upload it choosing the file as directed in the image above.

To update the existing file, just choose the valid option from the Import Options and note that the file needs just the following mandatory fields:

1-Product Code (which is the product SKU)

NOTE: While creating an SKU

a) You can use only three special characters that is (DOT, UNDER SCORE AND DASH) other than numeric values and alphabets.

b) Character Limit for creating an SKU is 45 characters (Numerics, alphabets and three allowed special characters) only.

2-Category Code

3-Name (the product name)

4-HSN Code (defined by the Govt of India for your products)

5-GST Tax type (GST tax class code to be applied on product)


Please note: For Amazon, you have an additional field called “TAT” (Turn Around Time), which can be updated against each item created in the list.

How Do We Update The Item Master?

To Update Item Master, follow below steps:

1- Go To Tools> Imports> Item Master> Create New and Update existing> Download CSV Format

2- Fill the downloaded CSV file with the details of the columns which need to be updated, along with all the Mandatory Columns and the details which were already updated for that product in Uniware.

Note: Rest of the already updated details of the product get blank if you upload the sheet with details in the column which need to be updated and the Mandatory Column details.

For example: If you need to change the GST Tax Type code of your products, you need to Go to Tools> Import> Item Master> Create new and update existing and fill downloaded CSV with below details:

  • All Mandatory column in the sheet (the ones with asterisk)

  • GST tax type code column with updated details.

  • HSN CODES (if while importing the sheet this column is missed, then HSN field will go blank for all the SKUs imported via item master)



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