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Q: What is automated order status sync?

Unicommerce system would automatically sync the order status even if the order processing is done at respective marketplace panel instead of at Unicommerce panel.

The points to note:

  •  For all the order items which were unfulfillable at Unicommerce, but processed at the marketplace, the system will create shipments for such items also and mark them dispatched.
  • Also for the order items which were fulfillable and the shipment in created state, system will allocate inventory and mark them dispatched.
  • We fetch cancelled & dispatch status sync for Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Wooplr, Tata Cliq, Voonik & Amazon (For Amazon, status sync happens only for orders for which channel is providing shipping).
  • The status sync process, the system runs in automatically once in 3 days after the last status sync. The system will mark all such shipments as DISPATCHED/RETURNED at Unicommerce.
  • For cancelled status system update for all marketplaces within 30 minutes with order sync if the status is cancelled on the respective marketplace.
  • In case you still wish to sync the order status manually, the following video link can guide you about the same:

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