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Q: Does the system auto-update the status of orders dispatched/cancelled/returned directly from the channel’s panel?


Our system is now capable of syncing the CANCELLED/DISPATCHED/RETURN status of orders from the Channel’s panel, which means, no longer would you need to force dispatch the orders at Unicommerce for they were already marked Dispatched/Return/Cancel at the Channel’s panel.

  • We fetch cancelled & dispatch status sync for Flipkart, Paytm, Snapdeal, Shopclues, Wooplr, Tata Cliq, Voonik & Amazon (For Amazon, status sync happens only for orders for which channel is providing shipping). To get a complete channel list which provides status sync feature please connect with Uniware support team.
  • For all the order items which were unfulfillable at Unicommerce, but processed at the marketplace, the system will create shipments for such items also and mark them dispatched.
  • Also for the order items which were fulfillable and the shipment in the created state, system will allocate inventory and mark them dispatched.
  • While status sync to mark dispatched the shipment, respective Sequence like invoice must be defined in UC. Else it gives you the error.

  • Some status sync tasks depend on the tenant’s golive status, so we recommend thorough validation. Message in UC is also shows in recurrent task list “Sync not allowed as Tenant is not Live yet”
  • The system runs status sync process automatically. Then system will mark all such shipments as DELIVERED/RETURNED at Unicommerce (Sync time is: daily**).
  • For DISPATCHED and CANCELLED status systems sync that status from marketplace to Uniware for all marketplaces (Sync time is: 40 minutes**) if the status is cancelled/dispatched on the respective marketplace.
    **It relied on the recurrent task timer configured within the UC system.
  • Return Sync: Uniware can sync the last 30 days** order return status from the marketplace.

Simple steps to follow:

1- On the orders page, select the channel and the orders for which you want to sync the status from the channel.

2- This action will manually trigger the order status sync on the Channel’s panel and update it at Unicommerce. All the orders marked DISPATCHED at the Channel’s Panel will be marked DISPATCHED at Unicommerce. And those which are CANCELLED at the Channel’s panel will be marked CANCELLED at your Unicommerce panel.

3- In order to run the status sync for Dispatched orders to mark them as Returned On Uniware then follow the below mentioned snapshots





NOTE: Always remember that those orders which are updated as CANCELLED in Unicommerce after invoice generated, must be putaway for correct inventory management.

Q: What is automated order status sync?

Learn more How to create put away for cancelled order items.

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