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My Amazon Inventory is not updating / syncing

Let`s understand how to resolve the issues related to Amazon Inventory Sync

Click here for Tutorial Video – English

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Common Reasons

Channel Connector Broken (Due to Invalid Credentials)

If the channel connector is broken, you may access your uniware account in “Incognito Browser”.

Note:- It is necessary to update the password on Uniware if you change it on the seller panel.

1- To fix the connector, you may go to “settings" and click on “Amazon”. Go to connectors.


2. The system says invalid credentials, you may click on reconfigure and update the new credentials.


3- Now click on connect, an OTP will be sent to the authenticator app. The OTP will be sent on the number which is updated in two step verification on the seller panel.

4- You may mention the OTP and click on submit.



Channel Connector Broken (Due to 2 factor authentication)

1- To fix the connector, you may go to “settings" and click on “Amazon”.


2- Go to connectors, As you can see, it says ”Connector Broken”.


3- You may go to your seller panel’s “settings” and select “Login Settings”.

4- Click on “Turn On” for 2 factor authentication.

5- Now, select “Add new phone or authenticator app”.

6- To generate the OTP, click on “Can’t scan the barcode?” and copy the secret key.

7- Go to uniware and click on “reconfigure” under Amazon two factor authentication and paste the “secret key” and click on “Connect”.

8- A code will be generated in this Pop up, copy the code and paste it in your seller panel click on “Verify OTP and continue”.

Note:- Please make sure to set the authenticator app, as your preferred method, so that the OTP will directly go to the authenticator app, and the order processing can be done smoothly.

9- You can now go back to Uniware and click on “Submit


Inventory Sync is “OFF”

Follow the below simple steps to check Inventory Sync Status in Uniware:

In case the inventory sync is off you are required to turn on the sync by going to the Settings tab and choosing Channels.

  1. Search and select the Amazon Channel. 
  2. In the channel settings page, you'll see an Inventory sync button which needs to be turned on.

Disabled Listing

Follow the below simple steps to check the Disable Inventory reason on Amazon Seller Panel:

Scenario 1- Automatic Sync Disabled

After five consecutive attempts, if the inventory sync continues to fail,  the inventory for a listing gets automatically disabled and moves to the "Sync Disabled" tab (This case is only applicable wherein it shows “Yes” in disabled due to an error section). In this case, sellers need to activate their listings in Uniware.

  1. In the Uniware Menu, go to the Products > Listing, and check the Sync Disabled tab.
  2. If your product item shows up in the Sync Disable tab. Please select the particular item. 
  3. Go to the Action button and select the option Re-enable Sync

 you`ll be able to see the products in the Sync Enable tab. 

Scenario 2- Manually Sync Disabled

If the seller has manually disabled the listing on uniware, they can reactivate them in Uniware

  1. In the Uniware Menu, go to the Products, select Listings, and check the Linked tab.

  2. Check for the Manually Disabled field, If it`s True for a specific SKU, it means that it is disabled from the seller`s end.

  3. Now go to Tools, select Import, and search for the file named Channel Item Type.

  4. Download the csv template and fill out these fields.

    Note: While filling out details in Channel Item Type, keep in mind  that “0”  denotes “False” and “1” denotes “True”.

  5. You can now upload the file and check the linked tab again, you will see the sync enabled for the SKU.

Missing Dimensions

  1. To Fix the dimensions issue you may go to your Amazon Seller Central and click on the “Menu”. Select “Inventory” and choose “Manage all inventory
  2. Now. click on the “Edit” section of the SKU in which you wish to add the dimensions.

  3. Go to “More Details” and fill out the following sections- Item Dimensions, Package Dimensions, Package Weight. 

  4. Once mentioned, click on save and finish to save the changes.


Below are the important points that need to be kept in mind:

  1. Check if Inventory Sync is “ON” on Uniware.
  2. Check if the sync has been Disabled for any listing Manually in Uniware.
  3. Check the Channel Connectors in Uniware. 

Reference Video- (English)

Reference Video- (Hindi)

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