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Shipment Item Processing Page

Let’s understand our new Shipment Item Processing Page.


Version: Professional and Enterprise version
Traceability: SKU, ITEM traceability


Shipment Item Processing Page

Shipment Item Processing is a concept of processing the Item for the packing.

You can start the Shipment Item processing from the Shipment Packing Page by either selecting the Shipment from the Select Shipment option or by scanning the SKU code.

  1. To scan or select the shipment/SKU, you need to put the SKU code or select shipment from the Scan bar on the bottom bar of the window.

  2. Once you Scan the SKU code and hit the Enter button, the Shipment Item Processing Page will open. In this page, you will be able to see all items.
  3. From the left side of a window, you can get all the information of the Shipment such as Shipment Code, Picklist Status, Scanned Item Progress Bar, Channel, Sale Order Code, Total Amount, Package Dimensions, Package Type and Weight in Kgs.
  4. Apart from the purpose of information display, you will also be able to perform actions from the Actions column.
  5. This page also contains 3 different tab, such as Pending, Scanned and All.

    a. Pending: In the pending tab, you can view the items whose scanning are still pending.b. Scanned: In the scanned tab, you can view the items those are already scanned.c. All: In the All tab, you can view all the items of the against the particular shipment.
  6. You can also view the particular Shipment Item Details, you just need to Click on the Three dots from the middle right side of the window and Click on the View Details option.
  7. Once you click on the View Details option, the Shipment Item Details window will appear.


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