Type of Returns

Type of Returns

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2015 03:54PM IST

Returns can be broadly divided into two types:

1.  Return to Origin, RTO

2.  Customer initiated Return, CIR

Return to Origin (RTO)

In case a shipping package could not be delivered at your door step for a certain reason like, door found locked or location not found etc, the item must return to the warehouse.

At the warehouse, the process would involve creating a manifest for the return.

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Customer Initiated Returns (CIR)

In case a customer initiates a return after receiving the package, a reverse pickup has to be created in the system. The customer return is handled by Market-places or by the vendor(s) depending upon from where it originated.

Uniware allows reverse pick up to be created only for those shipments having status “DISPATCHED”.

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