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Hoppable Order History: Export

The Hoppable Order History report file is used to get the data of available Hoppable Order History with all the related information in Uniware. You can view all details up to maximum 92 days.


Version: Enterprise
Traceability: None, SKU, ITEM


Export Type Selection

Navigate to the following path:

UI Navigation: Dashboard > Other Reports > {Select the report named: “Hoppable Order History”}

Report Columns Selection
Select the columns headers as per the need, here we use “ALL” (checkbox) that will select all column headers and give full reports. For selected columns, you can choose one by one.

Filters Selection

Select and control the data in report file as per the selected report. The description is provided below:

Field Name (M: Mandatory)



Dropdown, to extract the data basis of status

Created in Date range(M)

DD/MM/YYYY, to extract the data basis on order creation in uniware .


Dropdown, to extract the data basis of the channel.


Dropdown, to extract the data basis of the Facility

Email Confirmation
Select this field to send the report file to any selected user mail id (from added User in system). Click on “Create Export” to generate the selected report.

Result & Errors
If report is generated successfully, system gives a message. In case of incorrect selection, the export will not generate and show error. In such case, update the checkboxes and values in the appropriate fields and re-export the file.

Click on the “View Export” icon, to check the Export status.

In case of incorrect data, in the export file, update the checkboxes and value in the appropriate fields and re-export the file.

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