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Hopping and Omni Channel Auto Hopping

Hopping refers to a feature which enables store staff to accept or reject any or all of the items of an order. Once rejected, the item will hop on to another store.

As a part of our Omnichannel offerings, Uniware allows hopping an order from one store to another store manually/automatically.

Note: The feature is only available for enterprise version with omnichannel presence.

Hopping will enable a brand to fulfil multiple objectives:

1- Decrease Bottom Line of operating cost

2- Improve Customer Experience by increasing fulfilment rate & SLA

Based on Routing rules hoping can define on item level and order level. Manually triggered hopping and Automatic hopping based on certain SLA triggers.

Process Overview


1- Hop order can be checked in Order>Stors orders

2- You can accept or recect the store’s orders which are set to Hop.

3- Rejection, system provides the reason for the selection.
Sellers can use a custom set of rejection reasons (pre-configured) including the option to enter any custom reason by selecting the Reason as ‘Other’.

4- Once user accepts the orders, inventory allocation task will create the shipment for those orders in respective facility based on routing roles to process further as sale orders.


Rejection Reason Description
Not Available Inventory Mismatch between POS & Unicommerce
Damaged Size Mismatch, Color Faded, Other scenarios
Tag Missing Barcode Torn, Barcode Missing
Not Found Inventory Available in POS but not found physically.
Support not Available No manpower, No packaging material, courier issues etc

5- You can check the history for all stores orders formthe clock icon


For further details & customisation needs Click here and we will be happy to assist you. Also, you can connect with us using uniware Chat Support.


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