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Hopping and Omni Channel Auto Hopping

Hopping refers to a feature which enables store staff to accept or reject any or all of the items of an order. Once rejected, the item will hop on to another store.

As a part of our Omnichannel offerings, Uniware allows hopping an order from one store to another store manually/automatically.

Note: The feature is only available for enterprise version with omnichannel presence.

Hopping will enable a brand to fulfil multiple objectives:

1- Decrease Bottom Line of operating cost

2- Improve Customer Experience by increasing fulfilment rate & SLA

Based on Routing rules hoping can define on item level and order level. Manually triggered hopping and Automatic hopping based on certain SLA triggers.

Process Overview

Follow these simple steps to Hop Order in Uniware:

1- Hop order can be checked in Order > Omnichannel Orders

2- By clicking on the Eye Icon, you can take action on the orders which are set to hop

3- Order Rejection:
You can accept or reject the order item, for rejection you need to provide a reason against the select order item. Sellers can use a set of rejection reasons (pre-configured) from the dropdown including the option to enter any custom reason by selecting the Reason as ‘Other’.

Once you reject the order item, the item will hop in to the another/warehouse.

Rejection Reason Description
Not Available Inventory Mismatch between POS & Unicommerce
Damaged Size Mismatch, Color Faded, Other scenarios
Tag Missing Barcode Torn, Barcode Missing
Not Found Inventory Available in POS but not found physically.
Support not Available No manpower, No packaging material, courier issues etc.
Others Enter any custom reason.

4- Order Acceptance:
Once user accept the orders, inventory allocation task will create the shipment for those orders in respective facility based on routing roles to process further as sale orders.

5- Post Hopping Actions

5.a- Hopping History:
User can check the history by any particular order by clicking on the Clock icon from the top right of the screen.



5.b- Order Processing:
After accepting the order, order will move shipment tab from where user can normally process the order as per their define warehouse flow.

Processing in Bulk: Order Processing through Uniware with None Traceability
Processing by Picklist: Order Processing through Picklist with SKU Traceability

Below are the important points that need to be kept in mind hopping orders:

  • Configuration:
    Channel Level Config: Omnichannel Ordersmust be enabled
    Channel Level Config: Max hours for auto hopping72 or 144…1000, a value in countable hours for smooth operation.
    Facility Level Config: Enable Hoppingmust be enabled (To enable this feature, connect with UC Support Team/KAM)
  • Omni sellers will not be able to cancel orders once accepted in Uniware.
  • Package type should be flexible in case seller need to accept/reject a particular sale order item from multiple availability
  • Uniware allows hopping an order from one store to another store manually/automatically.
  • Myntra PPMP and Tata CLiQ Omni hopping will be managed by Channels only.
  • Accepted orders will move to shipment from where we can normally process them.
  • Rejected orders will hop into the another store/warehouse.


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