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Inventory Adjustment Batching in Bulk: Import

Inventory Adjustment Batching in Bulk

Now a seller can easily adjust the inventory (Add, Remove, Replace, Transfer) for an existing batch or for a new batch in bulk through Import. In case of an inventory adjustment for a new batch, batch details should be provided.


Version: Enterprise
Traceability: This is applicable for SKU (batching enabled) traceability


Path: Main Menu (Tools) > Import > Select import as “Inventory adjustment Batching”

1- To use, select Create New from the Import Option.


2- Download the CSV format and fill in the details.


Field Name (M: Mandatory) Description
Product Code (M) Product Code (Uniware SKU)
Quantity (M) Defined the Quantity of the Product which you want to adjust
Shelf Code (M) Shelf Code From Which Inventory To Be Added/Removed/Transferred
Adjustment Type (M) Inventory Adjustment Type

Remarks (M) Remarks
Transfer To Shelf Code Code of the shelf on which you want to adjust the inventory
MRP MRP of the Product
Expiry Date Expiry Date of the Product as Dd/Mm/Yyyy
Manufacturing Date Manufacturing Date of the Product as Dd/Mm/Yyyy
Vendor Code (Unique) code of the Vendor.
Vendor Batch Number Vendor Batch Number
Country Of Origin Country Of Origin (Code).

  • It describes the country(ies) where an article, brand, or design was manufactured, produced, designed, or branded.
Bill Of Entry Bill of Entry (Number)
It is a legal document that importers or customs agents file upon arrival of imported goods
Source Batch Code Source Batch Code
Force Allocate Force Allocate


3– Save the sheet in default CSV format then Select the option “Choose File” and upload the sheet and press the “Upload File” button.


4– Once the upload has been successful, you can review the uploaded sheet. Right at the top of the screen is the import section where the user can see the success message.
When uploading data fails, you can check it from View import and repeat the task.



  • If the user tries to adjust an inventory for which Batch Group is not configured, throw an error.
  • All the batch group parameters (Mfg date, Exp date, Cost, MRP, Vendor Batch No and Vendor) should be supported..



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