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One Click Tally Integration

“One click” Tally integration will help you do away with the manual work required currently to download the files from Uniware and manually import them into Tally. This will not only help save your efforts but will also reduce errors due to almost negligible manual intervention.
Service Charge: One-time charge of  ₹2,000.00 + Service tax.
With Unicommerce integration with GST Compliant Tally (Supported version Tally ERP 9 version 6.0.1 and above). Prime Tally and Cloud Tally are also supported. In Cloud Tally we only support import-export feature as of now.
In Tally and Tally prime, you can seamlessly manage sales (B2B* and B2C), Returns, Cancelled orders and Inventory.
Other features also include:
  • Bulk item creation with HSN code
  • Management of Purchase entries in Tally from Uniware.
  • Seller can updates their sales in tally without inventory as well.
  • We also handle the TCS amount in tally, for that we need to create the TCS ledger in tally, after that value can be updated in tally.

Below mentioned are the Three Key Steps required to be followed to complete the one click tally Integration:

A. Configure TDL/TCP file in Tally
B. Configure Import module
C. Download information in Tally from Unicommerce

Note: To know how to replace the existing Tally TCP with a new TCP file, click here.

Before moving ahead to the Integration part make sure that ledger names and tax classes* are created in Tally which are used to recognize the data format being imported from Unicommerce:

ledger names and tax classes* If you are using Uniware exports to import data in tally then you need not make any changes in ledger names and tax classes else please connect with Unicommerce Support and they’ll guide you to make necessary changes in Tally.

Note: “One-Click” tally integration will work for single warehouse with multiple billing parties. In case of multiple billing parties added on channel in Uniware, complete data will be synced under multiple firms of tally as per billing party added in channel setting. But it is not possible to sync data for multiple warehouses configured for using it.
A. To configure the TDL(TCP) file in Tally:
A.1- Go to Gateway of Tally and press F12 (or click on Configure in tally):
A.2 Select Product & Features or press “T”. Then press F4 (Or click “Manage local TDLs”):
A.3- To enable the TDL select YES:
A.4- Copy the path of TCP file. (the TCP file is provided by Unicommerce):

A.5- Please note: By accepting the changes, TDL name will become active and TDL name will reflect in black which shows that TDL is successfully installed:

A.6- Now press ALT+F3 and alter your current company to change the setting “Enable Unicommerce-Tally Integration”. Make it YES and save the changes.
B. To Configure the Import Module in Tally:
We are providing two types of importing features:a. Accounting
b. Accounting with InventoryB.1- To enable the Excel import module, go the Gateway of Tally and press F11, to select Features:
B.2- Next, select the “Accounting Features” or just press “A”:
B.3- In the next menu, refer to the “Other features” and type “YES” in “Excel Import Module”:

B.4- There are two fields:

a) Use only accounts (YES for accounting only and NO for accounting with inventory)
b) Use Batch Field for IMEI (Mark YES to get IMEI number in the description field of items)

B.5- Choose the fields, press enter and save it.

C) Automatic downloading of records from Unicommerce to Tally:

C.1 After configuration, you get the option as shown below for Tally-Unicommerce Integration:
C.2- Click on Download from Unicommerce:
C.3- Select your export type from here like Sales, cancel and returns.
C.4- Select your sheet.
C.5- Select the date range (dd-mm-yyyy).
C.6- Select the voucher type (As per your tally voucher).
C.7- Select the Bank (Use in case of receipt) (Else you can leave it blank).

C.8- After selecting your file it downloads successfully, then press OK, after which your file starts to import in tally.
After Import process is complete, you will be able to see your returns, cancellations, payment etc. (depending on the import type selected) in Tally.


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