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Integration of Tally Prime with Uniware

With Unicommerce integration with GST Compliant Tally (Supported version Tally ERP 9 version 6.0.1 and above). Prime Tally and Cloud Tally are also supported. In Cloud Tally we only support import-export feature as of now.
In Tally and Tally prime, you can seamlessly manage sales (B2B* and B2C), Returns, Cancelled orders and Inventory.

Features also include:

  • Bulk item creation with HSN code

  • Management of Purchase entries in Tally from Uniware.
  • Now seller can updates their sales in tally without inventory as well. For that, you need to follow the given steps below:
    Press: F1 (Help)>>TDLs and Addons>>Press F6 (Add-on feature)>>Excel import config>>Yes>>After that you select Use Only Accounts “Yes” and press enter.
  • We also handle the TCS amount in tally Prime as well, for that we need to create the TCS ledger in tally, after that value can be updated in tally.

For this, you need to create all the ledger name in tally according to GST format (as per client’s tax classification).

Steps to Integrate Tally:


a. Create a company in Tally with the name of Unicommerce to import all the data.  As soon as the TCP is updated, the Import for Unicommerce is created.

b. Create SKU alias sheet for inventory management perspective in Tally and save in the folder path, which will be used in the configuration steps later.

c. Product mapping is done to associate – item name- tally name, item alias – uniware  SKU codes as uniware only handle simple sku not bundle or combo sku in tally.

Below mentioned are the Four Key Steps required to be followed to complete the one-click tally Integration:

A. Configure TDL/TCP file in Tally

B. Configure Import module

C. Export data from Unicommerce

D. Import downloaded data into Tally

Note: To know how to replace the existing Tally TCP with a new TCP file, click here.

Let us now begin with these steps:

A) TDL configuration: To update TCP file in New Prime Tally.

Open your tally and go the Gateway of Tally page.

Step1: Go to the Help (F1) and click on that  (Right side top corner)


Step 2: Select the TDLs and AddOns and click it.


Step 3: Press F4 or click on Manage local TDLs.

Step 4: Create your TCP file path from your location, where you have to store the TDL file. And same path you need to paste here.


Once it’s done press enter button twice and your TDL successfully updated.

After that go the Gateway of tally page and you need to see One option that is UNICOMMERCE MENU from you can upload your data.

B)  Configure Import module

Import Process in tally:

Go to Gateway of Tally, “Unicommerce_Menu” And then Select the option:

1. Item Import: Bulk Item creation in tally with HSN Code. Uniware only handle simple sku not bundle or combo sku in tally.

2. Sales Import: Sales and return invoice import

3. Cancel Invoice: For Cancel invoice import

4. Receipt Import: For you receipt import with channel deduction.


Select your file which you want to import and then press ENTER button.

Your invoices are successfully updated in tally. Kindly check the same in sale register or day book in tally.

C)  Generation of Excel from Unicommerce and import in Tally for more detail Click here



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