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Bulk uploading the vendor catalog

Vendor catalogs can be easily created by importing files from the system. Follow these simple steps:

  •  Follow the path Tools > Import

  • Select the “Vendor Item Master” in the Import type.

You have to choose a csv file containing the defined template and relevant values to upload it.

Alternatively, you can also download the csv template to update the values and then upload it.

The meaning of all the mandatory fields is explained here:

Product Code       : The Uniware SKU code of the product.

Vendor Price        : The Vendor’s Selling Price of the product.

Vendor Code        : The unique code defined for identifying a vendor.

Vendor SKU Code : The Vendor’s SKU code of the product.

Inventory            : The total count of inventory available for this product. You can write -1 for an indefinite/infinite inventory supply of a particular product (Its a non mandatory field).

Enabled               : Write 1 if the product is enabled, 0 (zero) if it is disabled.

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