What is a Reorder?

The system is capable of notifying you the exhaustion of an Item SKU. When an item is about to exhaust, you can ‘Reorder’ it from the same system highlights.

Can we set a Reorder threshold, which means specifying a quantity at which the system can generate a Reorder?

Yes, We can configure certain parameters for Reorders. Please check the menu option “Reorder Config” under “Purchase”.




Add a new Configuration by following the given steps:




How do we reorder?

Reach the page for Reorders following the path PURCHASE > REORDERS.



This page contains all the item SKUs which have exhausted/about to exhaust and you should raise Purchase Orders for their replenishment/ acquisition.

You can even search the item SKUs for a particular Vendor/ Item Code or Category. Or apply no filter to see the entire list.



Select the product and add to cart to raise a PO. Follow the given steps:





Purchase Cart                                                                                        Approve Purchase Order            

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