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Spring 2019| Release Updates- Enterprise Version


Spring 2019
Enterprise Version
“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology,
if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” ~ Woody Williams
Uniware now allows you to assign shipping provider for CIR supporting reverse pickup from customer location and tracking.
System will send an email to the respective vendors after GRN is complete to notify about
received goods in order to give them full visibility
Create Gatepass Order
You can create Gatepass orders to transfer stock from one facility to another. One gatepass
order can be fulfilled by multiple gatepasses. Picklists could be created against gatepasses.
Uniware POS supports item level traceability in addition to SKU level traceability.
Integration with leading PoS solutions
Unicommerce now supports integration with Leading PoS systems like Ginesys,
Logic to ensure that the brands achieve the true potential of Omnichannel
This would help the receiver of the shipment to identify the package contents and
automate packslip generation in the warehouse.
Simplify Putaway process by adding items to Putaway using return manifest
codes/shipping package codes or shelf code
Capture item-wise Rejection Reason on GRN
Now capture item-wise rejection reason information while doing GRN at the item level traceability
For B2B business, mark your items found in bulk via import in Uniware
Shelf-wise sorting on App picklist by ascending order
To optimize the travel time in picking, picklists are now sorted based on shelf locations.
Uniware now allows you to scan picklist code to putback cancelled items.
This reduces scan count and make it a swift process.
Multi-decimal Currency Support
Unicommerce now provides Multi-decimal Currency Support upto 3 decimal
places as required in some geographies.

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