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How to update /set Invoice sequences in Uniware?


Invoice Sequences for GST:

Note: The changes can be done for both Facilities (warehouses) and Billing Parties.

A- For facilities
B- For Billing Parties

For new financial year invoice series change, we have a different process for more details Click Here.

Follow the steps,  if you wish to update the invoice series:

A- For facilities

1- Go to Setting > Facilities> Click on main Warehouse name code > Invoice Sequences.

1.a) Open Invoice Sequence

1.b) Fill the Invoice Prefix/Series (current value) as per your requirement and > Hit the “Enter” Key > Save Changes > Submit > Done.

Now we explain the significance of each series to be set under Invoice Sequences:

SALE_INVOICE- Invoice generated at the time of supply of taxable goods/services.

SALE_RETURN_INVOICE– Invoice generated against putaway created for dispatched items. It will act as a credit note i.e Invoice against return of sale. {Scroll Down to see the process to generate SALE_RETURN_INVOICE }

PURCHASE_INVOICE– Purchase order (PO) Invoice.

PURCHASE_RETURN_INVOICE– PO is returned to vendor (RTV). Work as credit note, Invoice against return of purchase.

GATEPASS_INVOICE– Invoice created in case of any Gatepass created in the system.

GATEPASS_RETURN_INVOICE– Invoice to be generated in case of returnable Gatepass.

DELIVERY_CHALLAN– Invoice generated in case of intra-state Stock Transfer.


B- For Billing Parties

Similarly, mark the changes for Billing Parties, (Click here to know more)

1- Go to Setting > Billing Parties> Invoice Sequences.


Open any billing party, go to Invoice Sequence and change your prefixes for below-mentioned parameters as you check above shared step for the facility.

Keeping in mind that every prefix must be different from each so that the system can save the unique series for every channel.

NOTE: It is mandatory to keep different prefixes for the above parameters for different billing parties to avoid issues in creating invoices or operating putaway functions related to channels associated with respective billing parties in Uniware.



Invoice against the return of sale. Unicommerce is now providing return invoices (credit notes) for all returns orders.

For this, Create Putaway received returns for Dispatched order in Uniware Click Here

Search Order> Invoices> Against the return, RP code will be generated and you can print Invoice against the same with Invoice series as set in FACILITIES/BILLING PARTY



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