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Purchases management

How would you define purchases?

‘Purchase’ refers to the process of ordering and receiving goods. It would involve identifying the quantities and then requesting to order for the items, approving it, creating purchase order(s) and then finally receiving the goods.

How does the system adjust inventory quantities?

Broadly, there are two ways in which inventory quantities can be adjusted in the system:

1- Add/receive stock via Purchase Order
Raising an order for different articles through Purchase Orders is the most efficient and systematic way of managing the warehouse stock. Know more about Purchase Orders Click Here

2- Bulk inventory adjustments via csv uploads
This is the quick way to mass stock the inventory. However, this method is susceptible to occurrence of errors for it is a manual task. Know more about bulk inventory adjustments Click Here

What should you do first?

We would appreciate that you to learn the process from the very beginning, let’s explore the Purchase Orders and how to handle them.

Learn about Purchase Cart                                       More on Purchase Orders

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